Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here's what a thousand dollars will get you!

Genesis is coming to Columbus' Nationwide Arena in September. In March, Nick and I purchased 2 $400.00 floor seat tickets. With shipping, handling and express delivery the total charge to our American Express card was $922.30.

Now that you've all caught your breath, let me tell you these tickets are not for us. Our son Christopher asked me to purchase a couple of tickets to the Cleveland show on eBay. After I searched the site I realized I could get cheaper tickets (if you can call 400 bucks cheap) for the Columbus show from Ticket Master. The tickets are a birthday gift, Christopher will be 22 on the 14th of September. The show is on the 22nd and we're hoping he'll have time to stop by and see us before or after the show.

We've long since received the tickets and given them to Christopher, so imagine our surprise when we opened the door this morning and noticed a UPS package on the doorstep. Because we used our AMEX card to purchase "gold" level seats, we were entitled to the following gifts;

Here we have the travel bag with shoulder strap.

Here we have the 2 lanyards with the Genesis "Hot Seat" tags.

So there you have it my American Express member benefits, 2 bags, 2 concert ticket lanyards and 2 floor seat tickets. Have you ever spent money frivolously?


SkyePuppy said...

Oh, of course I've spent frivolously, especially if you add up all the movie theater ticket, boxes of Raisinetts, and large drinks.

And my new camera with the ideal lens was way more than I wanted to spend, and I didn't really NEED it, because I already had a little camera that fits in my purse, so it's always with me.

But "frivolous" looks at a purchase as a practical matter. It doesn't weigh the intangible benefits that made us make the purchase. It doesn't look at the time you can spend with your son (or the time my movie-going gives me with friends).

Frivolous, yes. Pointless, heavens no!

janice said...

You are so right, Skye.

I'm sure he'll have a great time at the show.

I've seen Genesis 3 times (back in the 80's) and they always put on a fantastic concert.

Christopher and Larry will enjoy themselves.

Jojo Mellon said...

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable investment to me.....

janice said...

I have to agree with you Larry!