Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The new face of American leadership

Pelosi dons a hijab during her terror tour. When I first saw this, she reminded me of a picture of my grandmothers, mother as she got off the ship from Poland. What a "stara baba" (I pronounced it studabubba) or "babushka" if you're Russian.

My favorite part of her trip, here's San Fran Nan as she makes the sign of the cross while admiring the tomb that holds the severed head of Saint John the Baptist in the Ommayad Mosque, Damascus.
If you take a closer look, one gets the feeling this scarf could have been a last minute ornament. Maybe mandated by her hosts? Surely a woman of her stature would have picked a hijab more in line with the season. Perhaps some spring colors. This is clearly a fall accessory.


Jacob said...

It might be an object of religious oppression against women, but you have to admit... she is rocking the look.

But yes: I agree. Nancy shouldn't have worn it.

PS: (I saw the LGF article, and it struck me how similar your title was to the first sentence in their article...)

janice said...

I'm sure she was "asked" to cover her dome before the tour began.
She did pull it off in a Yentl kinda way.

Yes, I stole it Jacob.

Jacob said...

Yentl? What's that?

(Simpsons reference)

janice said...

Simpsons? I don't watch the Simpsons!

Yentl is a movie starring Barbra Streisand. She plays Yentl, a young Jewish girl who disguises herself as a boy to enter religious training. It's really a good movie/musical.

janice said...

I'm sorry, Yentl is a bit before your time, Jacob.

Jacob said...

Must I explain?

Marge hires a copy of Yentl for Homer to watch

Homer: Yentl? What's that?
Marge: It deals with a bookish young woman's efforts to get into rabbinical school.
Homer: Sounds great!
Marge: Oh my god, you're delirious.

I'm sorry Janice, the Simpsons are before your time...

Jacob said...


That should be: "The Simpsons are a bit after your time..."

janice said...

I was being sincere.