Sunday, January 07, 2007

What tomorrow will bring...

Here I am on Christmas Eve with Nick and Hershey. Do I look like I'm going to be 41 in 2 weeks?

I will turn 41 in the morning. Yes, yes I know I look oh so much younger than that, but it's true. Since I can remember, my birthday has never garnered much attention. "We just had Christmas" was the reason I only had a birthday cake, absent the presents. This mantra continues to this day. After I got married, I made myself a cake for a few years and celebrated with my family, but that soon faded due to excess holiday baking.

As a matter of full disclosure, I did have a surprise birthday party when I was 9. It was fantastic! All my friends and cousins attended and I opened presents for what seemed like forever. And I remember the present I treasured most, a shell candle making kit. This most favorite gift came from who today is my dentist. I went to school with Elmer from kindergarten to graduation. That was my favorite birthday.

When I entered the workforce, I'd receive a few cards and unwanted, re-gifted Christmas presents from co-workers. This has been my usual birthday observance. I don't really like cards, for any occasion. It's a waste of money and I'd prefer the $4.00 instead. Or perhaps some scratch off lottery tickets. But that's my practical side (thanks mom and dad), I'm just going to throw the card away after a few days. I hate to see people squander their money. A heartfelt note or letter will cost nothing but time and thought. Taking a few minutes to compose a note acknowledging my birthday and what my existence in your life has meant. It costs nothing and would mean everything to me.
Anyway, by this time tomorrow the calls sending birthday salutations will have ended and I'll return to the tasks at hand. Packing, cleaning and all the duties that moving entail. It's just another day, remember, we just had Christmas.

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