Sunday, January 21, 2007

My new house!

As I write this, my husband is getting dressed so we can converge on the "free" continental breakfast here at the Comfort Inn in Obetz just outside of "C"bus. It's snowing hard and the local forecasters said it's the first snow of the season for those residents. Which, when translated, means "these people won't remember how to drive in the snow." From my vantage point, high atop the hotel, it's really going to be a long, slow drive back home.

Our journey started yesterday morning, leaving Cleveland at 9:45am. The whirlwind, 8 house, weekend tour began Saturday afternoon at 12:30, when we met the realtor at the first house (Nicks no. 1, my no. 5). It was a nice house, on paper, with all the things we needed except a dinning room. I was willing to bend and again put my china cabinet in the living room, for the right price. This house was so over priced, for one thing, and it was a mess. We won't get into all the flaws but there's a reason it was my 5th choice. I shook my head and we moved onto the next house which was just a "main" road over and down from this development. The minute we stepped though the door I knew this was going to be my new home. It's a 3 bedroom 2 and a half bath, 2 car attached garage, two story with 1820 square feet not including the basement. When you walk in the first thing that you notice is the family room loft with oak railing. That's what sold Nick on the house, the dinning room (a real, separate room, where my china cabinet will finally be with the table and chairs!) and the walk-in shower in the master bath sold me. Not to mention the den off the kitchen that's going to house my work station and computer. The covered deck off the kitchen eating area leads you to the fenced backyard that has a shed and 3 trees I'm sure Hershey Bar will enjoy.

I'll "cut to the chase" as my mother would say, and tell you we're heading back to that (second) house this morning to make them an offer contingent on the disclosure form which has to be produced by the sellers.

The Sunday tour of 3 other houses is canceled. We were able to see one of the houses on Saturday, another we passed on because it's in an "unsavory" area and the third was in contract. I'm ready to get writers cramp, leave my good faith money and negotiate our way back to 71 north via (all those folks who forgot what snow is) 270. This winter storm will turn a 2 and a half hour drive into a 4 hour adventure as the snow shows no sign of slowing.


SkyePuppy said...

How wonderful to find just the right house! I'm praying for you.

Christina said...

Sounds like you found the perfect home for your family. I hope you made it back safe and sound through all the snow. We're getting snow too (probably all week) so I feel your driving pain there.

Congrats and may the purchase of your home (and the rest of the move) go smoothly.

janice said...

Thank you Skye for the prayers, I too have asked a safe journey awaits you in my devotions. Thank you so much.

Christina, thank you we did make it back safely and it felt like we followed the storm north.

I'm trying to load my pictures so you can see my house, but blogger really doesn't like me lately.

I'll keep trying!

Staci6 said...

I saw a pic of the exterior this morning Janice and it is beautiful! I am so happy for you two. Congrats!!!

janice said...

Thanks Staci, Nick has an entire folder of 8x10's I printed last night. We love it!

SkyePuppy said...

I see time go by with no new posts, and all I can think is, Janice sure must be getting writer's cramp! And she's falling to bed exhausted from packing.

Take you time (if you must). We'll still be here when you come back up for air.

Anonymous said...