Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Changes in my life for 2007

2007 came and with it brought many new beginnings for our family. Unemployment, new employment, a first apartment and a new home.

The holidays have ended and as soon as I finish posting I'll begin the dreadful task of un-holidaying my home. Both trees will be stripped and the Christmas "nick knacks" will be put away until I decorate my new house in Columbus. My husband has accepted a position as "Inventory Control Manager" for AmerisourceBergen, a pharmaceutical distributor. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we're very excited. Nick is planning to start on the 29th on this month and until we move, he's going to be living out of a suitcase. This will certainly be hard on both of us and we know the weekends will be spent painting, packing and enhancing the curb appeal.

Our son, Christopher, has decided to stay in in the Cleveland area and will be moving into an apartment. While his salary would allow him to purchase a home, the apartment is best right now just in case he does decide to come to Columbus. And he doesn't have the time or desire to maintain a home. I have ensured his presents at holidays by agreeing to his bribes and will surrender my dinette set, family room and his bedroom furniture to furnish his "pad." Santa Claus also brought him a 27 inch television and a 23 piece cutlery set. My sister-in-law and I are planning to gather other necessities bundled up in a laundry basket.

I guess it's a good time to be unemployed, readying the house for sale and doing all the things that selling a home and moving entails. Helping Christopher get settled should take my mind off the fact I'll be alone. Working towards the end result will give me a purpose and alleviate the worthlessness that being unemployed has brought me. I still plan to work part-time once we're settled in our new home. To say it's going to be hard is an understatement. I've been alone before. I've been unemployed before. I've moved 3 times and sold a house. However, I've never been without my son. That will be new territory I fear treading, for both of us. Little does he know, I need him as much as he will begin to realize he needs me.


Anonymous said...

Jan, I did not receive the e-mail; send it to micdan721@msn.com

Anonymous said...

i need no one

Anonymous said...

"I have ensured his presents at holidays"

yo mom its "Presence"... like the 1976 led zeppelin album

Anonymous said...

"Santa Claus also brought.."
santa clause

Malott said...

How exciting for Christopher. I remember my first apartment very fondly. He'll be fine... Probably a lot better than Mom.

janice said...

I believe you're right Chris.

He won't be totally alone, which eases my mind. My brother and his family are very close to Christopher and my parents are also in the area. He'll be fine.

Plus, he knows he can always come home.

Anonymous said...

Hey other anonymous guy...You say you need no one, but you'll soon find out that is not the case. You may think you know it all now, but you'll come to realize your parents are very important to you, as you are to them.

Anonymous said...

i need no one..