Sunday, January 07, 2007

CAIR gets slapped

Could it be Americans, and Ms. Boxer, are beginning to see this, we need extra-special, islamic civil rights group for what they really are? The incoming majority leader Senator Barbara Boxer recently rescinded an award to Basim Elkarra, the executive director of the Sacramento Valley CAIR chapter. True to form, CAIR whines, cries and looks outward for blame. This time it's a woman, the blog-o-sphere and a Jew. A posted statement was gathered from a blog belonging to Parvez Ahmed, Florida CAIR. The Jew in question is Joe Kaufman, who criticized Boxer for honoring a CAIR leader. To be fair, Kaufman has also criticized Boxer for her plan to lose the Iraq war among other issues.

Parvez Ahmed also claims the senator also relied on information from Steven Emerson, a terrorism expert who CAIR claims has a history of defamatory attacks. CAIR has attacked Emerson as well and dispatched many a "Incitement Watch" whine-o-gram to RoP faithful regarding (what CAIR calls) hate speech pertaining to islam. The truth hurts, huh Ahmed?

Staff members said the senator has "concerns" about CAIR which she claimed has been unwilling to condemn Osama bin Laden. Boxer said she "made a bad mistake" -- that her staff presented the award without her knowledge. Big surprise there, maybe she'll depend on these staffers while directing the peoples business.

With all things being equal, where's the evidence CAIR and Basim Elkarra are worthy of such awards? Instead of critiquing others by "throwing off the dogs", try defending the accusation and your links to terrorism.

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Anonymous said...

This story doesn't have any legs, that's why it was ONLY reported by CAIR.

When are they just going to fade away?

Great post, Janice.