Friday, December 01, 2006

Pig races to deter mosque

I love the American "can-do" attitude. When someone tries to muscle you out of your land they get the message loud and clear. The folks doing the muscling are, of course, the victim-hood minded members of the religion of peace. Baker Road in Katy Texas has 2 big signs, one announcing a mosque is coming. The other (I just love this) advertises Friday night pig races. Besides traffic and drainage issues, the residents believe a mosque will be disruptive to the 15 homes that surround the plot of land purchased by the Katy islamic association. Craig Baker, whose family named the road, owns pigs and plans to race them every Friday night if the mosque is built. Baker also claims KIA tried to pressure him into selling his home shortly after purchasing the land. KIA said they did no such thing and the pig races would be "a slap in the face." Baker said the pig races are intended to send a message that he's not budging from his home. As of this writing, there's been no date set for the mosque ground breaking or the first pig race.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I would do, I love it!

Just more imposing by the RoP. Now they'll cry foul, get national attention and make this guy look like a bigot just because he wants to preserve his family heritage.

Great post Janice!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet $100.00 on piggly wiggly in the fifth to win!

SkyePuppy said...

Gotta love those Texans!

janice said...

You got that right Skye.

They'll learn "You don't mess with Texas!"