Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Glenn Beck in the CAIR cross-hairs

I used to be a regular Glenn Beck listener during his 3 or 4 year run in the Cleveland area and found him to be brutally honest about himself and the issues of our time. A Florida radio host who brought Terri Schiavo into the national spotlight years before the famous cable television death watch. Beck organized rallies and helped raise money for the family's legal battle with her husband. When the war in Afghanistan started, Beck held rallies in many of his syndicate cities, including the Cleveland rally which I attended in sub-zero weather. Telling the millions of listeners about his mothers suicide, his drinking problem that brought about a divorce from his first wife, his special needs daughter and the faith that helped turn his life around. All of his listeners really got a look at the man behind the microphone.

The Glenn Beck special broadcast on CNN, Exposed: The Extremist Agenda, is now the target of CAIR and Media Matters. After his appearance on Good Morning America, Media Matters condemns Diane Sawyer for her introduction, calling Beck "television and talk-radio host ... who has said it's time for the world to stop buckling to the pressure of radical Islam." without mentioning he's a conservative. Now that's damning isn't it. I watched the special Beck hosted and found it to be very revealing and in line with everything I've heard and read about radical islam. Spinning apocalyptic impunity by interjecting Becks faith (he's a Mormon) is taking the focus off the real issue, radical islam and muslim hate around the world. Nationwide, islamic panties are in bunch because Diane Sawyer didn't identify Beck as a "self-identified conservative who has a history of making derogatory statements about Islam and Muslims" is more victim mentality. I'm sorry, but there's problem with islam that can only be corrected from within. When muslims finally remove the vial of denial and address the fanatical crisis, maybe then we'll see global tranquility. We are slowly moving toward an inability to critique islam by threat of violence.


Malott said...

Obviously the poor souls at "Media Matters" have their heads so firmly lodged in their rectums that there is little hope they will recover from their naivete.

Great post as usual, Janice.

janice said...

This letter writing campaign that CAIR asks their flock to engage in is so "old."

Instead of getting the info to send a "polite" letter to the editor or station manager in their whine-o-gram they now have Media Matters handle it.