Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm unemployed....

Today is the forth day of my unemployment and I'm going insane. I feel worthless, not monetarily worthless, I'm eligible for unemployment and I received a 4 week severance check next week. I feel like I no longer have a purpose. As "Lead Auditor" or quasi supervisor, I directed 4 associates. I had a reason to report to work, people depended on me for guidance and to be the buffer between management and the "boots on the ground." Our manager was in Buffalo, NY so there was very little micro-managing, we knew what had to be done.

This was the perfect job. Even though I live 1.1 miles away I was a few minutes late almost every day. In the summer I could have walked to work, but I never did. With my manager in Buffalo I toiled unmolested and instructed a very competent crew. I enjoyed the people I worked with, I liked what I did and I was good at it.

I'm still waking up at 5:00am. I make coffee and turn on the computer. I used to hurry up and post so I could be the first one in the shower. Now I can take my time and shower at ten o'clock, I'm not in a hurry. Perhaps I'll learn to sleep in, but there's something about the early morning quiet that calms the soul.

I'm not getting nostalgic, no one really likes to work. We work to better our lives and to provide for our family. I worked to better our lives and now find ourselves in a comfortable position where I don't have to work. We are blessed. This would've been a dream come true, 20 years ago. Christopher turned 21 in September, so I'm not being pressured to volunteer for playground duty or whip up 2 dozen cupcakes for a holiday classroom party. My son doesn't need me home, now.

I should look at the positive aspects of my situation. Frying chicken, making (spaghetti) sauce or pot roast. I can bake cookies while reading a book or scrubbing the kitchen floor. Going to the grocery store alone will definitely save money. The little side business I have provides extra cash and should keep me busy until I figure out which path to take.

For now, I'm unemployed. . . .


SkyePuppy said...


Do you want to find another job, or are you planning to stay unemployed? For now, either way, take a little time to dream. It's the time of year for that.

Are there hobbies you always wanted to try but never had the time for them? Crocheting, quilting, photography, scrapbooking.

Is there someplace you support amd might want to volunteer? The hospital, a crisis pregnancy center, a daytime ladies' group at your church.

Is there a book you've always wanted to write?

Before you do anything, though, take some time to rest and let your mind shift from the tunnel of what has been to the vast open space of what is and what could be.

You're not worthless. You have meaning to us, your faithful readers. I check here every day to see what you have to say.

The Lord knows what He's doing with you, even if you don't. Sip that coffee in the early morning quiet, stare into the fire, and listen for the still, small voice.

I'll keep you in my prayers...

janice said...

Thank you so very much Skye,

My husband was offered a job in Columbus
(2 hours south of Cleveland) yesterday afternoon. So, I going to be moving soon. I'll save the details and use it as post subject.
But I will say, this is a good thing.

Malott said...

Columbus... College town... great restaurants... great entertainment...

Sounds great. It's gotta beat Cleveland by a mile.

janice said...

You got that right Chris, unless you're a sports junkie. All they have is an NHL team. I guess my husband will continue to cheer for the Browns.

The cost of living is 8% less than the Cleveland area and my husband will be making at least 12% more than he is now. I believe this is a great move.

I'll post more when things get going.

For now, I've decided to get a part-time job in a book store once we move. At least that plan sounds good, for now.

SkyePuppy said...

Oooh... Books!!!

I think if I worked in a bookstore, I'd spend all my money using the employee discount. I could go broke.

I hope you have more self-discipline around serious temptation than I do...

janice said...

I'm just hoping I actually work and not spend my time reading.

I'll have to remember it's a book store not a library. Ohhh, a library. Maybe I could get lost in a corner and read during my entire shift?

Naw, better stick to the book store idea. I will however, be using that employee discount.

Christina said...

Working in a bookstore? Can you actually call that work? It's more like a privelege! Someday, I think Andrew and I will have accumulated enough books to start our own...

I agree with Skyepuppy. Take some time to relax, life has a way of making us busy even when we aren't, so in those rare time where you get a break, take it.

Congrats on being a stay-at-home-mom-and-wife. And trust'll find plenty to do, and your son will always need you! Congrats on your husband's new job too. Send some of that good luck our way, will you?

janice said...

Thank you Christina,

As I look around the house right now, I sure can find enough to keep me busy this week.

Staci6 said...

I completely agree with skyepuppy. Enjoy the quiet, rest your mind and look to the future.

Writing a there is something I could see you doing...and doing well with it.

You certainly aren't worthless and this happening, and the move, all came together at the perfect time. You are so blessed! Your family, friends, customers and fellow bloggers will always need (and want) you in their lives. :)

Although I am happy for you guys with the new job and move, you have to know I am also very sad. I will miss you both so much and well, will probably join the ranks of unemployment (due to termination of course! lol) not too long after you have relocated. I will also miss making coffee for "the boss" most mornings (NOT!! lol) and having someone I can trust and bitch to without fear of reprocussion. I guess it's time for a new chapter for me too....learn to zip it!

Thank God for the internet and cell phones!

Malott said...

For an unemployed person - you don't seem to find much time to write.

We miss you.