Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shock of the day: Emerson lecture to be protested

It seems free speech does not apply to terrorism expert Steven Emerson. His lecture "The Grand Deception: Militant Islam, the Media and the West," is scheduled for 7:30 tonight (Monday). Emerson is the author of the 2002 bestseller "American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us" and founder and executive director of The Investigative Project, which keeps a database of intelligence on islamic and middle eastern terrorist groups. I also encourage you visit his blog, Counterterrorism, where an "A" list of expert contributors opine on the threat among us.
A lecture on radical islamic infiltration of America at the Tucson Jewish Community Center will be protested by the usual suspects, islamists and western useful idiots. According to literature promoting his talk, Emerson is expected to speak about how militant islamic individuals and groups have insinuated themselves into western society. He contends that islamist extremists living in the U.S. often pretend to be moderate while secretly carrying out a terrorist agenda in funding, organizing and coordinating the activities of radical islamic groups. No wonder CAIR is hoping to suppress this orator. We'll see if the Emerson lecture will be canceled amid pressure by fringe muslim groups like the Women in Black.

Silencing opposing views is a full-time job for many muslim activists including the MSA at Brown University.

Nonie Darwish, "Now They Call Me Infidel" author, was scheduled to speak about the twisted hatred and radicalism she grew to despise in her own culture. But the event was canceled. Brown University campus group, Hillel, had originally extended the offer then buckled under the pressure put on them by the muslim student association. It appears Darwish's comments are "too controversial" and muslim students insisted she be denied a platform at Brown. Hillel claims they didn't want to upset its "beautiful relationship" with the muslim community.

Interesting? Brown has no problem hosting anti-Israel events such as Palestinian Solidarity Week without anyone being offended. It seems the politically correct thing to do is bash America and educate infidels. The corruption of academic standards and lack of intellectual openness run rampant among our most elite colleges and universities. Dissenting views used to be encouraged on American campuses, now it appears exploiting the most radical positions and suppressing the voices of those who hold conservative opinions has become customary. Under the guise of multiculturalism we're ushered into a shade of grey where good and evil no longer exist.


Malott said...

Great Post Janice.

It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

janice said...

These kind of stories make me wonder what is being taught. For that kind of money you'd think it would be a bit more balanced.

I'm so glad my son went to nursing school through a hospital. I'm not sorry he missed the whole "college experience" and the exposure to the anti-Israel, anti-American moon-bats. (I probably saved his liver too)

SkyePuppy said...

Both of my kids are in community college, and they don't seem to be getting indoctrinated the way they would at a university. I'm not sure what will happen when (if) they finish up at the 2-year college. I'm kinda hoping my daughter will focus more on work by then and less on school. My son's already turning Lefty, so I'm not sure how much more damage higher "education" will do to him.

Excellent post, Janice!

Malott said...


Your son will probably rebound when he has more to care about and more to lose.

Anonymous said...

Skye, I agree with Chris.

When you're young it's easy to embrace socialistic ideas.
Once he's taking care of a family and realize who's really paying for it, he's prone to change.

SkyePuppy said...

Chris & JT,

You're talking to the poster child for Lefty ideals in youth turning into conservative principles in grown-up-hood.

I told my son one time that he's like I was at his age, in a lot of ways. He said, "I'm not like you!" I just smiled.