Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fitness USA vs. CAIR....again

This past April I had a post about Fitness USA and their run in with CAIR. That time it was over the right some (RoP) members thought they had to exercise in complete freedom from the opposite sex. Of course CAIR got involved and Fitness USA caved.

In November my post titled "Throw imama from the plane" illustrated the American vigilance on the war on terror by reporting suspicious behavior. The behavior by 6 imams traveling by plane and completing their obligatory evening prayer in the airport terminal was not what got them tossed off the flight. Their behavior on the aircraft caught the attention of passengers and led to their removal.

What do these two posts have in common? CAIR, praying, Fitness USA and intolerance. Now it seems muslims believe they have the right to pray anywhere unmolested, while flipping the finger to the rest of America. It seems Fitness USA is going up against CAIR once again because a woman was interrupted during one of her obligatory prayer times at the gym. The details are vague and only says the muslim woman was offended. CAIR was there, Johnning on the spot, to asist her in her time of need, assuring that her rights were violated. With total disregard for her fellow patrons, this woman (and other muslims) believes she has no responsibility for her actions. Acting with complete impunity, these people (of faith) act like the own the joint (America) and want us to conform to their culture.

My fellow blogger, Malott, had a great post on this same topic. To quote Chris, let me say; So bring out the cartoons, interrupt the prayers, and throw Imam(a) from the plane. We will not be intimidated. Our laws will not be infected with Sharia. We will not be colonized.

I, too, will not be colonized or marched into dhimmitude. These people aren't looking for the same rights as everyone else in this great nation, they're looking for special rights. Are they special or does the religion that encompasses their lives make them feel inferior? The victim mentality comes from a forced failure to assimilate to their host country and culture. If I had to be covered from head to toe, couldn't drive, work or talk to a man who I wasn't related to I, too, would want ALL women in this country to be just like me. If I can't be like them (American women) I'd be beating a path to every CAIR office in America.


Malott said...

"...These people aren't looking for the same rights as everyone else in this great nation, they're looking for special rights..."

I think that it's a feeling of superiority that makes them think they have the right to special treatment... a kind of entitlement, because that is what their religion teaches.

As you know, I'm with you - I'm not backing up an inch. It's important that we stand our ground - stand toe to toe, nose to nose with American Muslims.

No one comes to this country and dictates what we can say or do.

Keep up the great work, Janice.

janice said...

Thanks for the support and the kind words Chris.

I am so sick of these types of news items. The "ummah" sets itself up to be offended. When someone objects they play the victim, cry foul and go running to the nearest CAIR office so they can get media attention and often times come out on top because no one stands up to them.