Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bush OK, but terrorist effigy is offensive

If this effigy looked like President Bush, the people of Marin would cheer. So says the owner, Pat La Tray. Pat hung up the straw "terrorist" during Halloween and decided to keep him hangin'. "It is a patriotic symbol," La Tray said. "It has nothing to do with race or religion." Nearby resident Pilar Sinelnikoff said she doesn't care what La Tray says. The effigy offends her every time she walks by it. "I'm appalled he calls himself an American," she said. "He's pathetic." . . .
Nong La Tray who is a citizen of Thailand and moved here in 2002, said muslims were oppressive in her home country, "they're not good people."

CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper is calling for more of the same, "I don't think this would promote interfaith understanding."
Yes Ibrahim, we infidels need to understand your faith. You muslims don't need to understand our culture, right. It's called free speech, do you understand?


Malott said...

Where do I get one of those?

Does it come in a bumper sticker?

Anonymous said...

Like the pig races, this seems like something I would do.

Hey Chris, let's make our own bumper stickers. We could probably make a profit.