Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You just can't do that!

After the 9/11 attacks, by muslim men, things in this country have changed. Flying, as we used to know it, has changed. Removal of shoes, water is now banned and we must say good-bye at the curb instead of the jet way. We tolerate these intrusions because we've suffered the deadly consequence of putting convenience before security.

Since the attack, Americans have been vigilant, on alert. Our elected leaders asked postal workers, cable installers and meter readers to report anything they deemed suspicious to the FBI. We have taken that task seriously, so when 6 muslims stand up in unison and start praying, it's reported. I'm sorry, but you just can't do that in this country. 19 muslims took over 4 planes and murdered 3000 innocent people on a beautiful Tuesday morning.

The whine-o-gram sent out today insists we infidels are ignorant regarding islam. These honorable men were just reciting their required evening prayers like every other muslim around the world. CAIR will hold a news conference at its Washington, D.C., headquarters in reaction to what the civil rights group calls a "flying while Muslim" incident in Minnesota.

Six Imams, or Islamic religious leaders, were taken off a US Airways flight at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Monday night because of "suspicious activity." The Imams, who were handcuffed and questioned for several hours by authorities before being released, told CAIR they suspect the "suspicious activity" cited by authorities was the performance of normal evening prayers offered by members of the group in the airport before boarding the flight.

The detained Imams also denied reports that they refused to leave the plane or that they chanted "Allah" as they were escorted from the flight. US Airways refused to allow the Imams to take another flight or to assist them in obtaining tickets on another airline.

CAIR was quick to assist the imams in their time of humiliation, assuring them their civil rights were violated. This wrong will be righted! Since 9/11 muslim have been and should be singled out for extra screening. Why are we ignoring the elephant in the room? The "religion of peace" is responsible for the daily carnage in Iraq, the proclamation to eliminate the entire Jewish faith and wanton destruction of America. Yes, islam has a problem.

Like I said before, 19 muslims seized 4 planes and murdered 3000 people. If the 19 were Catholics, I would be suspect of anyone walking around, beads in hand, praying the Rosary in an airport. I'd report them to the authorities because I felt uncomfortable. Is his embarrassment more important than my security? Muslims, not the infidels, need to recognize the fact they need to play a roll in making this country and fellow Americans feel safe. And if it means missing evening prayers in public, then so be it!

Update 4:37pm

CAIR is calling on the DoJ and TSA to conduct thorough investigations into the incident in Minnesota and to ensure that security procedures of US Airways and other airlines conform to constitutional standards mandating the protection of religious freedom and other civil rights. CAIR is also seeking a meeting with U.S. Airways officials, (to muscle them into submission) to discuss the Minnesota incident and past complaints made by muslims.

The victim mentality used by CAIR has garnered NAACP support, calling the incident "deeply disturbing" and "This matter is unfortunately consistent with the experience of African-Americans who have been detained while simply traveling on our nation's highways, flyways and sidewalks. We encourage a thorough investigation into the matter and call for the passing of the End Racial Profiling Act, which is currently pending in Congress."

I had no idea we had an "End Racial Profiling Act" pending in congress. Who's sponsoring this bill? Why can't people realize this has nothing to do with race, islam is not a race. It has everything to do with young, suspicious looking, middle eastern males. The same kind that high-jacked 4 planes and murdered 3000 innocent people on September 11, 2001. That's the elephant in the "airport," why is America allowing CAIR, and now the NAACP, to weave a Persian rug to throw over it?


Malott said...

Great post, Janice, but I fear that if we keep upsetting CAIR and other Muslims, expecting them to cooperate in our security, and become America-Loving immigrants - they might all get so upset that they... why they might leave and live somewhere else!




janice said...

Great thought Chris, and in America dreams do come true...

But as this story continues to develop it seems it was a set up. Intentionally devised by the "muslim civil rights group" to force TSA and US Airway to undergo "sensitivity" training, thus more grandmas and children will be pulled out of line for extra-sceening while Ahmed and Mustaffa board the plane.