Sunday, November 05, 2006

Obsession, the movie

Last night FOX news channel aired "Obsession: The Threat of Radical islam" and included many excerpts from the new movie, Obsession, the movie. This low budget documentary is the brainchild of director Wayne Kopping. The FOX news special took an in-depth look at the movie and interviewed many of today's foremost experts on radical islam. Comments from Walid Shoebat and Steven Emerson to the daughter of a martyr, the hour long program stepped into a world many liberals want to ignore. It was eye-opening and chilling, even to me. Most of the video clips were of well known imams as they spew Friday venom, telling their congregations it's an islamic obligation to fight jihad against the kafirs who occupy muslim lands. Followers are told islam is in (the UK, America and down under) not to be equal to other religions, rather to be the only religion. World domination by an islamic caliphate. State run television programs in Iran, the PA and Saudi Kingdom re-enforce the myth that America wants to take over the world and is fighting a Christian war against islam. They also look into the school books used in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the PA shows us exactly how these children are being taught to hate.

Walid Shoebat commented on the use of jihad and how many "moderates" try to explain away the term. In islam, they say, jihad means "struggle" or my personal struggle to be a good muslim. Shoebat made a powerful observation, pointing out that Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf means my struggle as well and in 1945 the world found out Hitler wasn't kidding out his intentions. Just like Hitler, the islamic community is telling us what they're intentions are. When are we going to listen, after another 6 million are put to death?

If you have a chance this afternoon, FOX will be airing the program again, I strongly urge you watch it.


Anonymous said...

I watch the program on Sunday and ordered the DVD from the website.
I can't wait to watch the documentary and pass it on to friends and family.

Anonymous said...

JT...We also ordered the DVD and are waiting for it to arrive. It should be interesting to see the entire program.