Thursday, November 02, 2006

CAIR vs. Mark Steyn

Wednesday's whine-o-gram contained an action alert calling on Canadian muslims to react to an article by Mark Steyn titled, "The future belongs to Islam." The "fatwa" lists a few excerpts from the article in addition to telling muslims they're offended and islam has been insulted. CAIR uses this tactic knowing it'll incite the thin skinned ummah, calling down vengeance on Steyn. For their convenience CAIR includes email addresses, fax numbers and nice, clear talking points neatly outlined for the RoP faithful.

Just another example of muslims asking to be put above the fray, demanding special rights in a threatening (canceling of subscriptions) manner. Why is this behavior tolerated by the islamic community? Time and again we infidels are forced to respect islam, they 're not asking for equality, they're demanding islam be put above all other religions, never to be questioned or scrutinized.


SkyePuppy said...

Oh no! The article by Mark Steyn is an excerpt from his book, which I just received in the mail (autographed!) from Steyn's website ( So I won't read the excerpt, because I don't want to spoil the book.

But those nice talking points are lovely. I hope MacLean's gives the CAIR-talking-points writers all the attention the LA Times gave me when I objected to their anti-Christian slant on the news: None.

Malott said...

I'm still recovering from the Michelle Malkin - Mark Steyn interview... (thanks, Skyepuppy). That left me so depressed that I'm taking a vacation from all things "Mark Steyn" for awhile.

I have to wonder - who is the target of all these emails and letters that Muslims are supposed to be writing? Who really cares if they're whining or upset?

Carrying their water in any way would be bad press for any politician.

I think it may be our civic duty to explore and find new ways to annoy these people. It won't be difficult, because they are so easily insulted. Besides, I think they may be happiest when they're ticked off. There are people in my family like that.

Janice, I was afraid you'd gone away.

janice said...

Oh no Chris, I wouldn't leave without telling you good-bye.

I was having so much fun with Jacob on the last post, I figured why post something new...
I must be more considerate to my other readers, that was a completely selfish move on my part.

I am all for agitating the "ummah" and receiving a threatening letter from CAIR.

Skye, I'm sure you know Mark will be filling in for Hugh today, all 3 hours. Are you going to listen?

SkyePuppy said...


Panic! No, I didn't know about Mark on Hugh's show. I can't listen to the show over the internet, because all the stations that broadcast him use a version of Windows Media Player that's incompatible with Win2000.
Panic! I'll have to try over at TownHall and see if I can hear it there.


janice said...

Good luck Skye - If all else fails, I believe you can down load it to your (or you child's) iPod. I know has been upgrading the site so you can listen to any broadcast at anytime. I hope you can, I may post my thoughts on it Saturday.

Malott said...

Dear Santa,

I've been reasonably good. I want an iPod. I will use it only for good... just like I use my charm.

SkyePuppy said...


I'm with Chris. I don't have an iPod.

But. My officemate went home at lunchtime and brought back her radio, so we're going to listen to Steyn on Hugh!

Thanks for the tip!!! [end panic]