Monday, October 13, 2008

A tale of two hate-crimes

Talk about hypocrisy, CAIR is calling on the FBI to investigate an alleged attack on a muslim Elmhurst College student as a hate crime. Prior to the attack, the victim claims anti-muslim graffiti, “kill the muslims”, was on the bathroom mirror.

It’s a familiar theme, anti-muslim graffiti and vandalism always preside the attack. Conflicting reports and the immediate “hate-crime” claims cloud the facts surrounding incident. But hey, that’s how CAIR does business. It’s really not about facts, it’s about getting results. And CAIR knows law enforcement and politicians don’t question racial assertions. So the accusation goes unchallenged. And just so you infidels don’t think this is an isolated incident, CAIR includes another anti-muslim story or two to hammer the point home.

On Friday, Debbie Schlussel posted a story about a real hate crime in Washington DC. Two Georgetown medical students were attacked by two muslims because they are gay.

Saad Elorch and Abdulgader Ruddad, both 19, targeted and taunted their victims, then assaulted one of them with a vodka bottle the two had been drinking from, and like Saad Elorch said, “if the two were in his country, they would be stoned to death”. Now this sounds like a hate-crime to me, how about you?

What CAIR needs to concentrate on is the obvious hate crime committed by two drunken, illegal alien muslims. Clean your own house first.

H/T to Debbie Schlussel

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Malott said...

Odd that the Muslims were drinking?

We would be hard-pressed to commit the number of hate crimes on Muslims that the Muslims inflict upon each other.