Friday, April 18, 2008

The ummah is whining, Pontiff snubs private meeting

The Papal visit to America is and should be an awakening to this nations 77 million Catholics. However in true muslim fashion, the RoP believe the Holy See should meet islamic leaders and capitulate to their will.

Grudge embracement seems to be a staple in the ummah. And the Pontiff is not immune to muslim ire. Little has been reported regarding the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Figh Council of North America and other muslims who declined the interreligious invitation. It appears these "special" people felt rebuffed when a separate meeting wasn’t scheduled.

The snub notwithstanding, the ummah is still upset when the pope quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor connecting islam with violence. Never mind the violence that erupted following the statement, proof positive muslims have an inherent tendency to be aggressive, sadistic and cruel.

The icing on the baklava was the “in your face” baptism of a former muslim. Many muslims said the Pontiff insulted them when Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born commentator who has criticized the "inherent" violence in islam, was baptized on Easter Sunday in St. Peter's Basilica.

Islamic leaders said the prominence of the ceremony, not the conversion itself, was troubling. The ummah constantly insist we non-muslims educate ourselves in the ways of islam. Well, it appears they too need to be educated. For Catholics, the baptism, first Holy Communion and confirmation process is an important step in ones spiritual life, one of great prominence. And I’m sure it was the conversion that perturbed those islamic leaders, not the pomp and circumstance that the ceremony brings.

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SkyePuppy said...

It's always so gratifying when the ummah get their knickers in a bunch...

Yay, Pope Benedict XVI!!!