Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Crazy muslim child abuse....

Bush dead and the White House is a mosque, according to hamas children's program. But, it's all good because the American people have submitted to the will of the RoP.

Those crazy muslims in Gaza have been busy creating violent kiddy programs. The latest creation is a puppet show where a palestinian child breaks into the White House to murder President Bush.

Israel National News is reporting on the recent step toward promoting peace by hamas and granting credence to the Geert Wilders film, “Fitna”, islam promotes violence.

MEMRI has the clip and translation.

It’s child abuse….


SkyePuppy said...

Child abuse? What child abuse? For people who want to send their children into Israel with a bomb strapped around their middle, this is just a game of patty-cake.

janice said...

I stand corrected Skye, how could I forget!