Tuesday, March 04, 2008

muslims back B. Hussein Obama

The BBC reports muslims in America, specifically Ohio, are supporting B. Hussein Obama.

A late day whine-o-gram revealed their “non-partisan” activities and the “get out the muslim vote” appeal. Since Thursday volunteers from the Cleveland chapter have been calling eligible muslim voters urging them to go to the polls. The call for volunteers went out to the faithful on February 21, 2008;
“CAIR-Ohio's non-partisan election center is part of CAIR's overall goal of enhancing American Muslim political and civic engagement. The effort is part of a nationwide strategy to register voters, distribute voter guides and get out the Muslim vote for the 2008 elections.”

Last week Patrick Poole (from Central Ohioans Against Terrorism and Front Page Magazine) and Dinah Lord reported on what could be called “illegal electioneering”. An email obtained by Poole indicated “an Obama campaign official calling for volunteers to spread out to all of the area mosques in Central Ohio for afternoon prayers to bring in the vote for Barack Hussein Obama” .

The volunteers met at the BHO-HQ in Columbus at 9:30am last Friday to pick up materials and some last minute training. Here’s the body of the email;

Assalam Alaik-kum,

Thanks so much for volunteering to help Senator Barack Obama turn out the Muslim vote inshalla. On Friday March 29th we want to have Muslim volunteers pray at the Mosques during Juma at around 12:45. After prayer when people are socializing outside we want to have the volunteer pass out Obama civil rights literature, faith based literature, general literature, stickers and bumper stickers. In addition we want the volunteers to emphasize that the election is the following Tuesday and encourage them to vote. That way we can reach every Muslim that went to Mosque the Friday before the election inshalla. Attached is a list of every Mosque in Columbus, if we have missed one please let me know ASAP. In addition if there is a particular Mosque you would prefer to attend Juma at and volunteer let me know.

To accomplish this we need to have a training/meeting and have volunteers pick up the necessary materials before volunteers go to the Mosques. We will be having a training/meeting at 9:30 A.M on March 29th at the Obama campus office 2240 N. High Street Columbus Ohio 43201. I will be providing everyone with more information as we get closer to Friday. Please feel free to contact me through email, or call me at 352-874-1195. If my phone is not on please leave me a voice mail with you number and I will get back to you right away. Also please feel free to pass this on to any brothers or sisters who support Senator Obama and would not mind volunteering for just half a day. Thanks again for everything.

Ahmad S. Khan

(ed. note - the date is incorrect, they met this past Friday on February 29, 2008)

The IRS should be taking a look at these volunteers and mosques. It appears that the Obama campaign may be involved in "illegal electioneering" by deliberately targeting tax exempt institutions. And I bet CAIR was in the mix as well.


Anonymous said...

what does B. Hussein Obama mean?

Dinah Lord said...

I DO NOT believe BHO is a Moslem but...that won't stop the Moslem street from thinking it and IMO that's where the real problem lies.

It's all about the symbolism and what it says about a country that suffers the worst terror attack in its history at the hands of Islamic radicals then 8 years later elects a candidate whose father (absentee) was a Moslem, a candidate who attended a Madrassa as a child, who has the middle name Hussein and who thinks the "sound of the call to prayer at sunset" is the prettiest sound on earth.


Tamara Cofman Wittes, a Brookings senior fellow who participated in the U.S.-Islamic Forum in Doha, observed at the time, "The symbolism of a major American presidential candidate with the middle name of Hussein, who went to elementary school in Indonesia, certainly speaks to Muslims abroad."

janice said...

Well said Dinah. It's all about perception and the muslim street feel tied to BHO.

Anonymous said...

what does B. Hussein Obama mean?

Anonymous said...
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Jojo Mellon said...

It's all about the symbolism and what it says about a country that suffers the worst terror attack in its history at the hands of Islamic radicals then 8 years later elects a candidate whose father (absentee) was a Moslem, a candidate who attended a Madrassa as a child, who has the middle name Hussein and who thinks the "sound of the call to prayer at sunset" is the prettiest sound on earth.

This is the dumbest thing Ive read in a while. Last I checked, Christians have done a ton of awful things in the world yet its not SYMBOLISM when we elect one, is it?

Dinah Lord said...

Sorry Lar, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. It IS a matter of symbolism when our elected leaders are openly Christian.

Otherwise we wouldn't be seeing all those Sunday am photo ops of the president and first lady going to Church pretty much every week. Heck, even that Philistine Bubba used to put on a coat and tie for his weekly worship. He went more often after that Monica Lewinsky deal - but hey, you know how that goes.

And I'm sure you remember the pilgrims, Mayflower, Plymouth Rock and that whole-come-to-America-because-of religious persecution business right, dude?

And no doubt you're familiar with all the Christian symbols and statements that can be found throughout our government and its institutions. You know, the "One Nation Under God" thing", the "In God we Trust" deal, the putting your hand on the BIBLE when you're sworn into public office.

I could go on but I'm sure you get my drift, what with you being such a superior intellect and all.

Still, I understand your getting impatient with me. That load of moral equivalence you are carrying around must get heavy and I know it must chap your hide to admit that the USA is founded on Christian principles with a history littered with Christian symbolism. (I hate to break it to you but it is also this fact that helps chap the hide of political Islam.)

Go ahead. Bluff all you want that Christians are worse than Muslims... Abortion bomber! Tim McVeigh! Unabomber! They're fanatics and nutjobs and they do awful things!...America is downright mean!...

Because I'll raise you two jets exploding into the country's tallest skyscrapers, a pair of reporter beheadings, a kidnapped Archbishop, a mass murder in a Yeshiva and throw in a pair of female genitalia mutilators.

Why it's a MOSLEM full house!

You'll never beat the Moslem hand when it comes to violence, no matter how you try to deal it.

Tell you what, Larry. Perhaps you might want to make like Obama and study at a madrassa for a while. He did and now that he's running for president he can't say often enough that he is NOT a Moslem.

If there's nothing symbolic about his Moslem background then why is he so adamant that he IS NOT A MOSLEM?

And why is he so quick to denounce/reject Louis Farrakhan if being a Moslem is so cool?

Because deep down even he gets it.

Again, I don't think he's a Moslem but I think you're kidding yourself that his Moslem background goes unnoticed in the Moslem world.

(Okay, hematuria. I'll play.

It's his name.

It's Barack Hussein Obama like it's Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Sidney McCain, George Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Richard Milhous Nixon, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, etc.)

Do I win something now?

janice said...

Nice smack down DL!

Now Larry, you're not equating the actions of muslims TODAY and the deeds perpetrated by Christians centuries ago, are you?