Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You too can get your very own piggy bank!

I was pleasantly surprised to see piggy banks being offered at an institution here in kafir-land Columbus.

In this day and age, its rare for one to actually go into a financial institution. Yesterday was the second time since we moved to Columbus 13 months ago I entered a bank. As I stood in line, with four old folks, I spied a National City Bank piggy bank sitting on the ledge in front of one of the tellers. Being a collector of freebies I knew I wasn't leaving without one in my little hands.
As I instructed the teller on the transactions I needed to complete, (it's amazing what a hard time they give you for withdrawing YOUR money) the piggy made its way to the teller stall I happened to be occupying while the teller got a "manager" to release my funds. Once I promised not to use my money for sex, drugs or anything else illegal I batted my eyes to the young male teller and asked if I could have the piggy bank. At that point it was quite obvious to me that I'm much older than I feel. He didn't even give me the old "if it were up to me" line. He flatly said I need to apply for a NCB credit card, he didn't even crack a smile.

20 years ago, I would have walked out of that bank with 2 of those piggy's. Provided the teller was a man, 20 years ago I can't remember men being at the teller stalls, they were usually sitting at the lending desks. How times have changed....


Dinah Lord said...

20 years ago, I would have walked out of that bank with 2 of those piggy's.

And a date for Saturday night!


And you're right 20 years ago, your teller would have been a woman not a man. Same with nursing - 20 years (oops is it 30 now?) ago I was working as a nurse and all the men were either doctor's or orderlies. Of course, back then we were also instructed to stand up and give our chair to the doctor if we were sitting in the nursing station when he came in.

Different world out there today!

janice said...

It sure is a different world.

BTW, my son is a nurse. Male nurses are in big demand.