Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CAIR sending out "props" to Carson!

Yes, there’s reason to celebrate and the ummah is sending props out to Andre Carson, the second muslim to win a U.S. congressional seat for Indiana’s 7th district with 54% of the vote. The whine-o-gram is full of self congratulatory language one would think CAIR had a hand in campaigning for Carson leading to his win. The fact is he ran using the sympathy vote, winning the seat vacated when his grandmother passed away. A May primary and a November general election still stand between Carson and a full term in congress.

CAIR also took this opportunity to lets us know their presence on the hill has not diminished. According to Corey Saylor “the political participation of American Muslims is increasing. Just this week, Muslims from around the nation held more than 70 Capitol Hill meetings with representatives and congressional staffers. Those meetings focused on issues such as racial profiling, citizenship delays and anti-hunger initiatives.”

While on the hill CAIR dropped off more than 17,000 constituent letters on the issue of Israel’s blockade of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip gathered from mosques across the country. I’m sure those letters were placed in an environmentally sound recycling bin. Where they should be.


Dinah Lord said...

Do you think Andre will be sworn in using the Ko-ran?

It looks like he brought in Calypso Louie to speak the eulogy at grandma's funeral...nothing says family values like standing on the casket of your own grandma to get votes...

janice said...

I heard about the eulogy after I posted.

I can't believe all the "sheople" living in Indiana. Andre didn't win be a landslide, I hope there's a rally in May.

Malott said...

Julia Carson consistently misspoke and said stupid things... And was an embarrassment to the entire state of Indiana.

I fear the same ignorant lot that habitually pulled her lever every two years will do the same for her grandson.