Tuesday, September 04, 2007

RoP Terror in Toronto, again

Adel Mohamed Arnaout, not a Hindu monk, was arrested last Thursday in connection to mailing 3 letter bombs on August 11, 19 and 22. The non-Christian was charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of intending to cause an explosion, one count of criminal harassment and one count of possession of explosive material. Investigators apprehended the 37 year old Toronto resident at an ESSO gas station in East York Ontario. The late model rental car was reported to have contained "very unstable explosives" that could have caused "catastrophic and deadly results" if detonated. The entire vehicle was transported to an area where investigators claim the contents "were not all the same composition" as contained in the letter bombs.

In June Arnaout, a muslim immigrant from Lebanon, was cited for harassment. That incident put the "Bombay Bunker" resident on the OPP radar screen.

The Northeast Intelligence Network along with Canada Free Press have been "uncovering" the rest of the story as the events unfold. A few residents in this predominately muslim neighborhood spoke with NIN pointing to a possible link to the United States. Neighbors say cars with New York, Michigan and Ohio plates where seen frequenting the house. Men wearing islamic garb would enter the house at all hours of the day or night. Between 20 and 30 people live or stay at the 176 Ashdale Avenue "fortress" that's been dubed the Bombay Bunker because of the unusual construction of the house that resembled a fortress with steel doors and mesh wire window coverings. Hummm?

I have to ask the question, why would the home owner, Mohammad Latif Raja and his caretaker brother Mohammad Fayyaz Raja, want to fortify a house in such a fashion? If you look at the picture you can see the steel doors leading to the basement apartment rented by the accused.

The letter bomb recipients, authorities say, are connected and were not chosen at random. Lets take a look at who they are, shall we, sure.

On August 11th Abdel Magid Radi of Scarborough Ontario received the letter bomb and suffered injury. This incident occured at the same time New York City responds to a "dirty" bomb threat that caused an increase of the deployment of radiological sensors on vehicles, boats and helicopters. Police and federal officials set up vehicle checkpoints in lower Manhattan and at bridges and tunnels, checking for any indication of a conventional bomb laced with radioactive materials. 72 hours later conflicting reports out of New Jersey reported minor accident and the driver of one of the vehicles fled on foot. The vehicle from which the suspect in the hit-and-run fled contained a “box” in the trunk containing “radioactive” symbols. According to a law enforcement source sensors carried by police that measure radioactivity sounded an alarm that indicated higher than acceptable levels of radioactivity, prompting a response from HAZMAT and other officials. Coincidence, maybe.

August 19th Terrence Reiber, a real estate lawyer in Toronto, received the second letter bomb and is not injured. Could this real estate lawyer be working for someone who may have been giving the brothers Raja trouble with their fortress?

August 22nd John Becker, a self-employed contractor in Guelph received the third, much larger IED, letter bomb also escaping injury. Does this contractor have a connection to the Bombay Bunker? If so, did he see something he shouldn't have?

And let's not forget about the harassment complaint filed in June by Steven Scott. Officials close to the investigation say trouble between Arnaout and Scott began at about the same time the suspect moved in to the apartment owned and managed by the brothers Raja.

There's more to this story and it's connection to us here in the United States. In June 2006, the Canadian terror cell had far reaching members including two Atlanta muslims, Syed Haris Ahmed and Shifa Sadequee.

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SkyePuppy said...

Excellent post!

Good for the Canada Free Press for saying right up front that there was a "nest of Islamist activity." The last thing we need is one more article telling us that "young men" (or "disaffected youths")were involved.