Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pigs! Italy's anti-mosque weapon!

Does the thought of arabic calls to prayer, 5 times a day, being broadcast in your small town make you cringe? An Italian man has the answer so your city can be a "mosque" free zone.

Roberto Calderoli, a Northern League party senator, is calling for a "Pig Day" protest against the building of a new mosque in Bologna, Italy.

Mr. Calderoli and his pig claim once he defiled the property in Lodi, and the mosque was not built. The deputy speaker of Italy's Senate said, "I am making myself and my pig available for a walk at the site where they want to build the mosque," and in complete defiance stated he would eat "a nice plateful of pork chops to show my lack of sympathy for those who consider pork forbidden meat."
I wish this guy would run against Sherrod Brown (or George Voinovich for that matter) here in Ohio.

In an effort to help others facing a big minaret in their backyard, Calderoli said; "We could organise the 'pig day' as to say competitions and shows dedicated to the most beautiful pigs to be hold in the places where somebody thinks to build not a centre for religious activities but the potential centre of recruitment of a terror cells". This is much better than the alternative solution after the arrest of an imam last year for leading a terrorist training school from a mosque in central Italy. After the arrest, the Northern League called for all existing mosques to be closed for security checks.

As one would expect, the islamic community is offended and insulted by the remarks. Nonetheless, the senator is no stranger to controversy and is often accused of making racist comments regarding muslims. Last year he lost a ministerial post for wearing a T-shirt with cartoons of Mohammad on them.

Gotta love this guy!

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Jacob said...

Sounds like a grade A jerk to me. All they're doing is building a mosque.