Thursday, September 06, 2007

CAIR linked to hamas!

It's official, CAIR is linked to the terror group hamas!

On Tuesday the prosecution in the HLF trial filed its opposition motion to the amicus brief filed by CAIR. Among the laundry list of grievances claimed by the terror front group, the soiling of their good name caused a decline in membership, in which CAIR points to a June 2007 Washington Times article showing membership declined from 29,000 (2001) to less than 1700 (2006). CAIR's Nihad Awad prematurely responded by calling the report "false and misleading" obviously unaware of the potential spin value. In an effort to distance themselves from the charity, asking the court to remove them (and others named therein) from the list of unindicted co-conspirators seems to have backfired, leading to continued nefarious exposure for the group.

The 27 page motion in opposition clearly and deliberately link CAIR to hamas, stating; "In the instant case, striking CAIR's name from the attachment to the Trial Brief will not prevent its conspiratorial involvement with HLF, and others affiliated with Hamas, from becoming a matter of public record. That has already occurred as a consequence of the presentation of evidence at trial."

The opposition motion and the evidence presented in the HLF trial clearly prove CAIR's claim to moderation does not correlate with its activities, financial ties and hiring practices. Working to silence those who challenge radical islam, using our laws and freedoms to advance an agenda leading to the destruction of the west and America.

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