Thursday, November 12, 2009

media matters shills for CAIR

Joining the jihadi sympathizer Rachel Maddow, media matters points out the REAL problem. The conservatives in this country. Yes, along with campaigner-in-chief Obama, they believe we're the problem, not the RoP, the ummah or islam in general.

And as for exploitation goes, CAIR, hamas, the palestinians and hezbollah wrote the book...

How does that saying go...."sticks and stones may break my bones" ........"but a suicide bombing kills"......I'm just sayin'


SkyePuppy said...

I'm just sayin'


Dinah Lord said...

I've been having such bad feelings about everything that has gone down in the last few days.

In fact, I have been getting that Sarah Conner vibe again - and I know you can relate to that.

This is just another indication how powerful the Moonbat-Muslim axis of evil has gotten.

There's trouble ahead.