Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Judge orders Muslim Mafia documents returned to CAIR

The jihadi sympathizing judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, has ordered the documents procured by Chris Gaubatz when he worked as a CAIR intern be returned to the muslim civil rights group. In a lawsuit filed October 29, 2009 in DC district court, CAIR is seeking redress for the stolen property and the recordings of meeting and conversations. The suit “alleges conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, trespass, and violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.” Chris Gaubatz signed a contract when he became an intern for the unindicted terror coconspirators, even though CAIR has not been able to produce the contract.

At first glance this may appear (as so many CAIR lawsuits do) as intimidation, a CAIR tactic to silence the opposition. What I find interesting is that the suit says nothing about liable. If CAIR is so concerned about getting these documents, (documents Chris was asked to shred BTW) taped conversations and donor lists returned, why wouldn’t they insist compensation be attached to the suit for damages inflicted by the release of the Muslim Mafia? Surely the donations have trickled and that “explore the quran” campaign has been a flop. I’ve no doubt these masters of spin can convince a judge they’ve been damaged by all the negative publicity.

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Sabra said...

He should return them. Shredded. After all, that is what he was supposed to have done with them in the first place, right?

Hmmph. cair can't find the contract DG supposedly signed. What a surprise.