Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I think......

If President Barack Hussein Obama (it’s OK, we can use his middle name now) was going to destroy this country, what would he do differently?

Here’s a small sampling of the issues I’ve been thinking about the past two weeks.

The apparent weakness of this administration has empowered the “sleeper cells” and "jihadi wannabes" in this country over the last month. The inability to identify evil and how to kill it has left “Pat” and DHS sitting on their hands while the FBI do the real work of keeping this nation safe. We have to be right 100% of the time, the enemy only has to succeed once. At least CAIR has been silent on defending these terrorists.

The abandonment of our allies for the adoration of dictators seems to be a fair trade. Appeasing the islamo-nut-bag, who’s hell-bent on “wiping Israel off the map” and ushering in the mahdi so we can all live under an islamic caliphate. Nice… And the impostor-in-chief continues to utilize Kramer vs. Kramer chocolate chip ice cream diplomacy. Keep drawing that line in the sand, Barry, I don’t think Iran will cross it this time!

They own most of our debt and have recently announced their military power is on equal footing with the west; New York City will honor, aka celebrate, communist China on their 60th anniversary and illuminate the Empire State Building in red and yellow. Where’s Richard Gere?

Granting a VISA to the Libyan mass murder and providing a platform from which he was able to spew hatred, as Honduran President Roberto Micheletti is denied entry. Barry describes the current temporary government “illegal”. At the same time announcing the white house will be renamed the house of czars.

Showing true moral leadership, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provides clarity in the murky waters of Turtle Bay. Pamela Gellar over at Atlas Shrugs has the transcript and videos.

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