Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What can CAIR do?

One of today’s whine-o-gram news headings announced "US MUSLIMS WORRY ABOUT NEW FEDERAL RULES”.

In the wake of the islamo-terror attacks in India, where death cult faithful tortured and then murdered close to 200 people, muslims in America are concerning themselves with the new Justice Department guidelines. The ummah in America is worried the FBI will “profile” and “target” muslims unjustly.

Are you kidding me?!?!?

Those entrusted to safeguard the American citizenry need to profile and target the islamic communities. We know who to look for, we have detailed descriptions of those who want to do us harm and inflict maximum carnage on the infidels, all in the name of allah. The perpetrators are born, raised and funded in the islamic community.

Why are we walking on eggshells when it comes to muslims? Why do we capitulate to islamic “cultural sensitivity” on issues of national security? Why is CAIR forcing area police, the military and every other law enforcement branch in America to attend diversity training?

And if the ummah was serious about their “Not in our name” campaign and the “fatwa against terrorism” then they would be on the front lines of this fight. But they’re not. Gathering signatures on a petition or constructing a religious ruling condemning “terror” is just words, and not very convincing ones at that.

I want them to condemn terrorists by name! I want them to police their own and hand over radicals within their mosques, neighborhoods and families! I want them to lead the fight against the cancer that's tainting the entire body!

Debbie Schlussel has a great piece regarding CAIR’s response to the Mumbai massacre. Well worth the read.


Malott said...

The moderate Muslims and the radicals are cut from the same cloth. They both want to impose Sharia on the western world.

The moderates here are working towards their goal through our laws, our courts, and our stupidity.

The radicals and jihadists come later.

Great post.

janice said...

You're absolutely right, Chris.

I'm so fed-up with this PC crap! I feel like we're living in Bizarro-World!

SkyePuppy said...


Bizarro-World would be easier to figure out.

Dinah Lord said...

Twin - GREAT post.

We sure must be feeling the same vibe these days. Because I have about had it up to HERE with mealy mouthed Muslim Americans (not American Muslims you will note) and their lukewarm 'condemnations' about terror. BFD.

If they spent half the time they spend crying about how mistreated they are as poor, widdle Muslims culling the traitors in their midst, we might get somewhere. But noooooo, they'd rather blame us.

I have had it with them...off to Read Debbie S. May I recommend this piece by Ben Shapiro to you as well. It will really get your motor rolling. http://tiny.cc/KDy14

Malott - you know what they say about so-called Moderate Muslims. They're the ones holding your feet while the radicals are sawing away at your head...