Sunday, November 30, 2008

SunRise Equities scam

As I perused my favorite blogs this morning, Skye Puppy posted some words of wisdom on our economy from AQ number 2, Ayman al-Zawahri. Skye linked to an old islamic banking post of mine from March 2008. The post gave an overview of SunRise Equities, based in Chicago, one of many sharia compliant financial institutions to pop-up in the United States.

Today, SunRise Equities and is no longer doing business. Why? Well it seems the sin of greed isn’t limited to Christians and Jews, muslims fall victim as well. In August of this year the pious muslim businessman Salman Ibrahim disappeared with upwards of 50 million dollars belonging to 200 north Chicago investors.

(As a side note, since this came to light during the holy month of terror ramadan, do you think he’ll receive extra raisins?)

However, in researching articles for this post, I came across a very interesting post that is fraught with conspiracy, murder and politics. Rehan Sheikh, a Chicago cabbie and part-time radio host, knew too much about SunRise and paid the price. But, before he died he talked, a lot. On a site dedicated to the SunRise victims, Grammar Gal conveys what he was told by the now deceased Rehan Sheikh. Links to president elect Obama, a radical imam Nawal-ur Rehman (who was also president of the Shariah Board of America) and Tablighi Jama'at (part of the same organization I posted about here and here a.k.a Islamberg).

In short, Gal believes his source (Rehan Sheikh) was murdered for what he knew. This story would make a great suspense novel or movie of the week, if only it wasn’t true.

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Unknown said...

I am rather shocked and surprised that the sunrise equities investor picked one shady salman or another shady salman. What do I mean? Well, we all know what Salman Ibrahim did to his investors and now you have Salman Azam doing the same thing.

Salman Azam, the Founding Member of Lakeshore Law Group, states in his Attorney Profile at that he worked for a prominent law firm after lawschool. I ask, what firm was it? If it was so prominent, why don’t you tell us Mr. Azam. The truth is Mr. Azam did not work as an Associate as he claims for a prominent law firm. Mr. Azam, with his gift of talk now billed thousands of useless dollars all at the investors expense.

Rozina Gilani, another shady character….

Nizam Arain, probably the only good person there.

People, why don’t you research what your doing before you do it before blindly giving your money to others who cannot guarantee anything to you. I am sorry, I ask everyone to do their own research…another victim speaking out.