Sunday, November 02, 2008

Road to Victory Rally, Senator John McCain in Columbus Ohio

We arrived at the John McCain rally on Friday around 3:15pm. Doors opened just before we found the end of the line and as you can see more tickets were available for this event than the Governor Palin event in Chillicothe.

The spirit of the free market was everywhere, students selling campaign buttons, hats and nObama T-shirts peddled their wears up and down the sidewalk prior to the rally.

I was really encouraged to see so many young people, Columbus, Ohio is very liberal.
As the line moved towards the entrance it seemed this member of one of the "big three" networks (NBC) refused to listen to the crowd calling for him to pull up his pants because crack kills.

When we approached the security booth, Batman's Joker made an appearance in the office window above Nationwide Arena.

They drove the "Straight Talk Express" right up to the stage.

Hank Williams Jr. got the crowd going before Arnold and John McCain came out to the round. Performing campaign versions of "All my Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down" and "Family Tradition".
Here we have California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger introducing Senator John McCain, calling him the "True Action Hero".

This was the scene of the controversial comment made by the "Governator" regarding Obama's skinny legs and arms.

Joining the Road to Victory tour in Columbus was South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Cindy and Megan McCain.

Senator McCain rallied the crowd and I'm always amazed at how humble he is, I think if he wasn't the McCain/Palin ticket may be further ahead in the polls.


American Angle said...

Great pics, Janice! Good to be a part of positive history..let's hope & pray the positive side of it doesn't end Nov. 4th

Malott said...

Great pictures!

But somehow I enjoyed looking at the Sarah pics more. Obviously you don't have to be a professional photographer to make her look good!

janice said...

Thanks AA and Chris,

Let's hope today is the end of BHO's bid for president and we can send him back to Chicago.

Dinah Lord said...

Awesome pics, Twin. Great job! Looking at them gave me a thrill up my leg!

I'm taking heart in the fact that 56,378,316 other people in this country kept their sanity this election. The Obama victory was no landslide no matter how they try to spin it.