Friday, November 14, 2008

CAIR still hot on the "Obsession" trail

Just because the election is over CAIR continues to hunt down those who funded the Obsession DVD distribution. It seems CAIR officers still refuse to address the contents of the DVD and are focusing their efforts on discrediting the messenger, once again donning the cloak of victimhood.

Many a whine-o-gram has kept the ummah outraged regarding this issue and the latest email included a link to a Jim Lobe website. In my opinion, Lobe is a liberal, anti-Semitic, America hating, citizen-of-the-world journalist. So it’s only fitting that CAIR would embrace the analysis published on one of his sites.

There’s really nothing new in this article, just a rehashing of this Zionist led conspiracy to sway the presidential election.


Dinah Lord said...

CAIR really is a one trick pony. And that trick is victimhood. Gee, I wonder if they have had anything to say about al-Zawahri calling The Messiah a "house negro".

Let's go see! Nope, there's nothing under Press Releases or News. And this is what comes up when I use their website's search function:

Your search - obama house negro - did not match any documents.

No pages were found containing "obama house negro".

I guess that means they agree with al Zawahri.

You'd THINK they'd have something to say about that, wouldn't you? Maybe you should inquire, Miss J.

(Okay, is it al-Zawahri or is it al-Zawahiri? It really bugs me that these guys spell their names a million different ways...)

janice said...

You are so right D. I did a search on their site (when I didn't recieve a whine-o-gram) and came up dry. And then, BAM in my in box the whine-o-gram appears. And CAIR spells it "Zawahri".

I'll post on it today sometime.

Also, my husband was an extra in the bar scene in "One Trick Pony" during the filming in the Cleveland Agora.