Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A koran in the toilet - Part III

That's right, it seems Pace University, in lower Manhattan, is full of slippery handed muslims. They're probably to weak from the mandatory ramadan fast and dropped their holy book in the commode. I would post the link but it appears it has yet to be picked up by a news outlet. Maybe they found it to be unworthy. I love Skyepuppys comment on the first "desecration" incident,
So some Muslim treated his "holy" Koran so carelessly that it fell into the hands of some infidel, who tossed it in the can.
CAIR really should stop with the sensitivity training for the infidels and start training Muslims to take better care of their scriptures.

Yesterdays whine-o-gram again called for infidel education of the campus population. CAIR-NY civil rights director, Maryam Sayar Akbar said;
"We once again call on Pace University to take concrete measures to help educate the student population about Islamophobic bigotry and its negative impact on ordinary Muslims and on American society."

I find the timing all to convenient. The islamic holy month whine-o-grams are full of iftar community sharing and mosque open houses across the country. All this is done to show how giving and peaceful the ummah can be, never mind the homicide bombers and chants of death following Friday prayers. Death threats, and murderous riots when anyone claims islam has violent tendencies. This toilet-gate "hate crime" has no "there, there." When you understand CAIR's mission and see they've created a muslim "Voter Education Guide" with the by-line; CAIR does not endorse any one issue or candidate. Right... just more endorsement of the muslim victim mentality.

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