Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been shamed...... by Malott

Yes, it’s true. The “old man” tried to embarrass me, Skye Puppy and to a lesser degree, Christina. And he had the nerve to praise Bekah in the same post. Why you ask? Well we haven’t been a source of enlightenment, news and entertainment. We’ve been neglecting our blog duties, and in my case, it’s true. Chris admittedly has nothing to contribute to the blog-o-sphere so he chooses to attack others. That’s alright, my shoulders are broad and I can take it.

So in an effort to salvage my reputation I’m posting a pictorial, since Bekah loves pictures. Topic; the vein of my new existence, inclement weather commuting in what I affectionately call the

Here we see a fellow commuter who almost rear-ended me. That or he was driving on the soft-shoulder just to say hello.

Yes, Columbus has plenty of heavy rescue vehicles but very few plows and salt trucks.

And we see why so many heavy rescue vehicles are needed......

Almost home. Normally I can be home in 20 minutes. It took me an hour today.

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Christina said...

Ah, now see, I'm just guessing here, but knowing Chris as I do, I don't think he'll give you a pass for the inclement weather driving.

In our neck of the woods, that's an everyday winter driving experience. In fact, I just got back from a voluntary trip to Sonic on roads like that. Granted, the snow plows are better here....slightly!

Glad to see you around and hope you stay safe on your commute. Snowy roads certainly makes driving more interesting.

janice said...

Oh Christina, I'm in no way trying to justify my absence. I've been very busy with the new job.

As far as winter driving goes, I hail from Cleveland where I learned to drive in a 1975 Monte Carlo in January. So I do know how to drive in this weather. Heck, I only drive rear-wheel drive cars in the snow, and quite well I might add. And like Indiana, this is an everyday occurrence in NEO.

That said, the folks here in Columbus have NO CLUE how to negotiate wet, snowy or cold roads. I was able to get the pics with my Blackberry, SAFELY, because we were only traveling at a top speed of 30MPH.

SkyePuppy said...

There's something wrong with your photos. There's a strange white substance smudging the roads. My camera doesn't do that at all. Maybe you should get your camera fixed...

Tsofah said...

THERE you are! I found you!

(Duh, I clicked on the wrong link from my blog, sorry).

Being now rejected by Malott - nay neglected in his references - I'm just devastated.

I mean, I was laying at the bottom of the steps with my son yelling in panic about what should he do, and I thought "Surely I will not lay here the rest of my life. Hubby will be home in about nine hours. Besides, I've great blogging friends and THEY will eventually notice I'm gone."

GASP! I was wrong. Malott didn't even think of me.

choke, sputter, sniffle.

(Yes, I'm going to drag this out to get every bit of mileage out of it I can).

I know, Malott will ignore that too.


But we women......?????


janice said...

Skye, that's what I thought too. And after some calls and research I'm lead to believe it'll fix itself in a few months.

Tsofah, I was wondering why you were left out.....

Tsofah said...

Janice? OH JANICE???????

(Did she get lost? I miss Janice!)

SkyePuppy said...


You missed the entire month of March!

Come back!!!

Tsofah said...

Seriously folks...

Has anyone heard from Janice? I know she is working a lot, but, it's unusual for her to not blog for so long. I pray she is all right.