Thursday, December 10, 2009

CAIR and the ummah help the FBI

Hand-shakes and back-slaps all around CAIR’s Washington DC office. A media advisory whine-o-gram was issued on Wednesday announcing the unindicted terror coconspirator press conference regarding the missing muslim “yutes”. CAIR used this as a springboard to illustrate their patriotism, pointing to their cooperation with law enforcement and the FBI specifically.

I have quite a few thoughts on this “dog and pony show” CAIR, MAS, MPAC and imam Jahori abdul-Malik put on for the press. The families are called “courageous” for coming forward to report their missing “yutes”, the same suspects arrested in Pakistan on terror charges. Prior to the arrests, CAIR helped obtain legal counsel for these families while working with the FBI, to preserve their civil rights. This turned out to be an opportunity for CAIR to appear cooperative by a mere phone call to authorities. Nihad Awad has viewed the video and was “disturbed” by its content. Awad goes on to admit “problems” exist in the ummah and announced a major campaign to refute the misuse of koran verses and certain "grievances" in the muslim world. This campaign, of course, involves education. No details were given on what this would encompass or who is involved in teaching the new islamic world view to muslims residing in America.

In closing, these muslim leaders called for tolerance and not to rush to judgment. Citing the “cottage industry” who’ll seek to exploit this case and marginalize muslims. It seems to me, the ummah needs no help in perpetuating the bad PR around the world.

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Dinah Lord said...

Oh Janice, I don't believe I can even watch these dirtbags.

It made me sick to just read CAIR's preening and posturing about their role in this whole charade.

Especially after I read about the 'deradicalizer' that was called in to assist in the case.

And of course, they called an attorney before they contacted the authorities.

And before all of this they contacted their mosque. The same one that the Ft. Hood Jihadi attended - what a coincidence.

The families, the mosque, the so-called 'Muslim leaders', the attorneys, the pr people, and of course CAIR were trying to manage this situation - big time.

Then I read an account about how the families were just trying to get them back 'discreetly'. That made my blood boil.

Can you tell I'm still worked up?

Sign me - Steaming.