Thursday, March 29, 2007

Continuing to expose CAIR

A recent article in the NYT, by Neil MacFarquhar, sent CAIR the much needed CPR in the court of public opinion. CAIR's flying imam lawsuit against US Airways, and unnamed passengers who reported their suspicious behavior, prompted many to look more closely at the group. The announcement brought much fanfare (and booted a CBN reporter) but failed to include these "John Does" in their statement. Word quickly spread once court filings were revealed and prompted House Republicans to protect ordinary citizens against harassment lawsuits. The fallout from such a suit could have a chilling effect on the public.

After 9/11 we were asked to be vigilant, to report suspicious activity. Cable installers, meter readers and ordinary citizens were called to action in the protection of this country. If this lawsuit allows CAIR to criminalize such deeds how many folks will think twice about informing the authorities about suspicious behavior?

The NTY article didn't go unaddressed. Steven Emerson, proprietor of and terrorism expert, filled in the blanks left by MacFarquhar in his apologetic public relations piece for the radical Islamic front group. Emerson's expose', in The New Republic One Muslim advocacy group's not-so-secret terrorist ties points out a few of the nefarious activities the group has been engaged and tactics used to promote the islamic agenda. Pointing out the underlying plan of the flying imams lawsuit is to silence anyone who may want to report shady activities, causing apprehensive citizens to remain mute.


Jacob said...

Being a Muslim on a plane = shady activity.


janice said...

You read to much into what I wrote Jacob.

Who are you giving the benefit of doubt to?

Anonymous said...

"Being a Muslim on a plane = shady activity."

Do you take the time to read the enire post Jacob? I want to know also, why do give those, (who'd loop your head off in a minute), a pass and not your own government?

Jacob said...

Here we go. Another one of those comment threads. The kind where I respond by pointing out the ridiculousness of getting hysterical about MUSLIMS ON A PLANE OMGZ!!111!!!!! and then one or two come back at me with a stawman argument about me supporting terrorists.


janice said...

The point of the post is to bring attention to the lawsuit against the passengers who reported the behavior. Jacob, please, keep your mind open to the possibility these imams were being "shady" on purpose so they could bring about the lawsiut. That's as viable as believing these passengers were acting in bad faith, is it not?

Try to see the other side. You're so willing to accept the imams claim without even listening to the other side.