Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why didn't CAIR help the "Karachi Kids"?

All’s quiet on the CAIR whine-o-gram front. "Karachi Kids", the saga of two Georgia boys who spent four years in a Pakistani madrassa, continues to dominate the news for the past few days, yet not a peep from the self-proclaimed American-muslim civil rights group. I’ve searched the CAIR web-site and came up empty. Not a word. Aren’t these boys part of the ummah? Why isn’t CAIR speaking out, clarifying the obvious need for these boys to enhance their muslim identity in a radical, jihadi producing madrassa?

Where’s Ibrahim Hooper, Nihad Awad or Yusof Burke Georgia’s Executive Director for the unindicted terror co-conspirator? These CAIR talking heads love to opine regardless of the media outlet. You know, we uneducated kafirs don't understand the ways of islam.

Why didn’t democrats Larry Shaw (North Carolina General Assembly), Andre Carson (Indiana congressman) or Keith Ellison (Minnesota congressman) advocate their release? I thought the entire ummah concept was safeguarding the RoP faithful? It took an infidel republican, Michael McCaul from Texas to facilitate their release, decrying the obvious mental abuse and alleged corporal punishment.

What say you CAIR?

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Dinah Lord said...

By God, Miss J. You are absolutely right! Why didn't they help those kids? For that matter why aren't they helping the ones that remain?

I do believe I will fire up the email machine and ask them.