Thursday, July 10, 2008

Karachi kids update!

My “Twinster”, Dinah Lord, has an update on the Karachi kids. It looks like the two American boys featured in the documentary will be arriving in Atlanta this afternoon.

This is great news. However, I worry they may be a lost cause, especially in a home that obviously holds radical views.
All we can do at this point is pray for them.


SkyePuppy said...

Pity the people who live in Atlanta!

Weekends Off said...

I will pray for them, these poor children are not at fault. I truely hope they can be helped in some way I'd hate to think of any child as a lost cause.

janice said...

Exactly Skye, social services need to step in the minute they land.

I agree WO, however, the video shows the progression of their brainwashing. Intense deprograming, a loving environment and exposure to the Truth may be the only way they'll make it.