Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Karachi kids; A must see documentary!

Jamia Binuria, a Pakistani madrassa, where jihadists are made. Karachi kids is the story of 2 American brothers sent to the hell-hole in 2004 to learn the koran. After 4 short years they've become completely brainwashed. The transition is clear, you hear it from the boys themselves.

The latest news from their web-site; the boys will be coming home to America. My fear is they may not revert and continue to hold these jihadist views.

The International Herald Tribune reported June 28 that Pakistan will deport 8 foreign students studying in the Jamia Binuria madrassa.

Two of the students who are to be deported are Americans and are the focus of the Karachi Kids documentary, which films their transformation from American teenagers fighting to leave the Jamia Binuria madrassa, into students who have willingly converted to fundamentalist doctrine taught at the Jamia Binuria.

This document reveals the two Americans, Noor Elahi Khan and Mahboob Elahi Khan, have been blacklisted by the government of Pakistan, and can never legally return to the country.
Pakistan is to be commended for its courage to expell these students, as well as the six others studying at the Jamia Binuria madrassa.

The estimated 500 foreign students at all the Pakistani Madrassa should also be expelled and deported from Pakistan — including the 75 to 80 American children at the Jamia Binuria madrassa.

Noor and Mahboob under go a process of indoctrination, captured on film by the Karachi Kids documentary.

It is soul wrenching and saddening to watch.

Karachi Kids shows why it is essential that the two key elements of Pakistan law be upheld and enforced that can be used to deport these foreign students. First, that all foreign students who have overstayed their visa be forced return to their native country, and secondly, that the edict against foreigners studying in Pakistani madrassas be enforced.

This document may be the start of that process — one which will make the world a much safer place.

I have to give credit where credit is due, "hat tip Dinah Lord" for bringing this story to our attention. How it got past me, I'll never know.


Dinah Lord said...

Hey twin-

Thanks for the tip, my friend.

How DID this one get past us????

I'm glad these boys are coming home - I think. Their transition from American boys to American Jihad looks to be complete from the looks of the video tape and that means future trouble.

I got the sense that the Jamia Binuria was fighting their deportation and removal from the Madrassa. Is that still not the case?

Catherine Herridge reported on this throughout the day yesterday on FNC. She said that the filmmaker who made Karachi Kids was in negotiations with a major US network to show the film. I hope that is the case and that it does get shown.

The American public needs to see what goes on behind closed Madrassa doors.

janice said...

Absolutely! This needs to be shown to all of those who believe this islam is a "religion of peace" nonsense.

I can't believe I missed this story. I'm slipping it seems.

I fear it may be to late to reverse the damage done to these boys.

I wonder if those liberal yentas on the "View" will have an opinion, and if so, they'll insist it's part of GW Bush's propaganda machine.

Malott said...


Well I certainly have a new favorite Muslim name!

janice said...

I get it now Chris, you're so silly...

I thought you were a leg man?