Friday, July 11, 2008

Karachi kids; The boys are home!

The Khan brothers have returned home. I hope they receive the intense deprogramming needed to facilitate their restoration to a moral civilization.

Once again Dinah Lord has the latest news on what’s been dubbed the Karachi Kids. There seems to be much more to this story and as details emerge, I (as well as Dinah Lord) find some elements of the account strange.

The assertion, according to Raza (director and executive producer of the documentary), that Fazal Khan was probably unaware of Jamia Binoria's linked to radical groups, that many taliban militants graduated from the school and Osama bin Laden once spoke there.

The well-intentioned and deeply religious father opted for an “unknown” institution half way around the globe because the al-Farooq mosque which runs a reputable islamic school has an elite student body.

The plight of these boys was documented by Imran Raza and their release was championed by Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) citing a Pakistani law that prohibits foreigners from enrolling in madrassas. However, the principal of the school, Mufti Mohammed Naeem, is shown on film saying that 29 nations, including the United States, Britain and France, are represented at his school. He also said his madrassa does not promote hatred or militant activity. Earlier this week McCaul announced Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf assured the Khan brothers would be released. Interestingly, the Khans did not contact the congressman or ask him to intercede on their behalf.

The brothers Khan 4 year exile began when their father grew angry with their habits and once threw the television out of the house. They said their father decided to send them to Pakistan after he discovered dust on their koran, a sign they had failed to pick it up in a while. Noor, the older brother said, "My dad told me, 'I am not bringing you back until you memorize the Quran”, estimating it would take him eight years to master the 600 page text.

At least he didn't strangle them like another Pakistani father from Georgia did last week.

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