Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm no Mallott......

but I won’t starve either…..

The aforementioned self described “gardening superman” has been taunting his fellow bloggers for years. Even posting a prideful post last month, entitled "Why My Life is Better Than Yours", exclaiming his superior cooking skills thus making his existence a cut above the rest of us.

We all remember “Man with a Melon” don’t we? All though the post was meant as a spoof, the comments reveal this was an “accidental” melon, I’m not sure I believe that one. The melon was big and perfectly round, it makes one wonder......

The inadvertent garden boasting over the years included posts entitled “Got Carrots?” and a few posts that included tips (here and here) for us gardening imbeciles that may become lost in own plot of Eden, "Make a Tomato Map".

How about his onion harvest and the pictures of his pantry full of canned tomatoes. Anticipating the winter months just so he can twist that Ball canning jar, hear the hiss that says fresh and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

I could go on and on, the archives are full of tips, recipes and pictures of his harvest. Is all of this gardening prowess just Mallott providing a public service or an illustration of self preservation?

Am I a wee bit jealous of the crop yields, variety and knowledge? You bet, especially in the dead of winter and the yearning for fresh produce hits me.

Well, this year I will not be denied.

These are sugar snap peas, and right after I snapped the picture I picked some for our chicken stir fry, ummmm.

And this is the zucchini that accompanied the peas for dinner.

No, I'm no Mallott.... but I was able to capture these beautiful photos with my new Olympus Evolt E-410 digital camera.


SkyePuppy said...

Ooh! Very nice. Love those sugar peas and the zucchini.

Nice camera too!

g said...

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janice said...

Thanks Skye, the peas were great. I think I ate half of what I picked before I came in the house.

I'm looking for my recipe for zucchini bread. I have 2 that will be ready to pick this weekend.

The camera was a long-wanted gift to myself, I saved for a while for it. The tripod arrives today so I'll be able to take pics of the moon without it looking like a big blob of light.

Dinah Lord said...


How beautiful your...plants are.

(loved your comment on Mallott's first link. Hah. Too funny!)

And a new camera too, Fabulous! Have fun, twinster!

janice said...

Thank D, I like to think I can be quick-witted (as opposed to my mothers description, dimwitted) and a bit humorous at times.

Mallott, over the years, left himself open for this post.

SkyePuppy said...

Janice, don't waste your time on zucchini bread when you can have zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting. Bake it with applesauce instead of oil, and it's lowfat! (except for the cream cheese frosting) My favorite!

Email me if you want the recipe...

Tsofah said...


I'm jealous of you AND Malott. My gardening attempts have not been very successful of late.

Enjoy your harvest!

Malott said...

You definitely creamed in the pea department this year. I got "zero" peas from two attempts at planting. Yours look great!

And thanks for the attention!!!!! It's what us old pathetic bachelors yearn for.