Friday, July 18, 2008

John Hagee & CUFI; CAIR action alert target

John Hagee is no stranger to controversy and has seen his share of attacks from the left. Hagee, a long time supporter of the state of Israel, founder of CUFI Christians United for Israel is CAIR's latest action alert target.

“A Night to Honor Israel, 2008” is July 22nd, keynote speakers include Senator Joe Lieberman and Dan Gillerman Israel’s UN ambassador. Representatives Elliot Engel (D-NY) and Mark Pence (R-IN) plan to attend the “Washington–Israel Summit” (July 21-24).

Curtailing the John McCain endorsement rejection, CAIR is calling on the RoP faithful to contact these 3 public servants to distance themselves from Hagee and these Israel supporting events, “and ask them to reject any association with Pastor Hagee or Christians United for Israel (CUFI)”. The supporting documentation CAIR used to incite those ummah fanatics were comprised of NPR and PRA The Public Eye articles and an anti-Hagee campaign from (the self-hating) Jewish Voice for Peace.

The talking points provided by CAIR, in addition to contact information, include;
* Hagee’s divisive rhetoric does not deserve the endorsement of elected officials.

* Senator McCain’s rejection of Hagee earlier this year sets an example for all elected officials. I urge the Congressperson to send the same message of leadership.

This type of attack from CAIR is nothing new to John Hagee, (or Rod Parsley, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Billy Graham for that matter). It does however, enhance our analysis of CAIR’s religious intolerance and bigotry.

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