Saturday, July 26, 2008

CAIR protectionist Hooper lied

I’m sure most of you are aware of the media blitz in NYC by ICNA and supported by imam Siraj Wahhaj. Fellow blogger, Dinah Lord has been on top of this issue. The promotion has been dubbed the “terror train” and “allah board” by many, is seen as a slap in the face of America, due to commence days before 9/11/08. The campaign to inundate New Yorkers with the “islam is a religion of peace” message, beckoning the “ummah-curious” to call or visit the websites for more information. This scheme became a reality when NYC mayor and the transit authority OK’ed the plan to place these proselytizing ads on city subway cars.

* (editor's note) Personally, I don’t need a billboard, subway car or bus to research this death cult. I’ve been assessing the RoP global actions for many years, prior to 9/11.

The whine-o-gram issued Thursday included video of CAIR lead muslim protectionist, Ibrahim (Doug) Hooper squaring off with Mike Gallagher. In the clip Hooper starts off by clarifying the FOX anchorman’s statements as to the imams character.

The real controversy stems from another unindicted coconspirator, CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper and his blatant lie while defending the aforementioned imam. Siraj Wahhaj was, in fact, one of 170 unindicted coconspirators in the ’93 WTC bombing in addition to being a character witness for the “blind sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman. Hooper, always quick to set the record straight, had better do some fact checking.

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