Friday, October 16, 2009

Cue the CAIR victim card....

Well, you knew this was coming down the pike. With the release of Muslim Mafia and a call by 4 congressmen to investigate, CAIR pulls out the victim card. Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR communications director, tells The Hill of a “death threat” fax received at their DC headquarters. The fax had a picture of a gallows with this quote; 'Muslim Neanderthal Dougie Hooper (AKA Ibrahim Hooper) will be soon hanged for treason against the United States’.

Now I have a problem with this whole fax death threat. I’ve been following CAIR for a while and if this had a shred of veracity CAIR would have the FBI on the case in a New York minute. I would like to know why The Hill didn’t ask to see the death fax. Second, this is bigger news than the “throw the imams from the plane” case and it's not being reported. Strange, don't you think?

A quick google search yields ONE news source reporting this story. Now, to be honest, PR Newswire is also reporting on the threat and links to a copy of the dreaded fax. PR Newswire is the pay-to-play media marketing distributor CAIR often uses to get the word out with the hope it’ll be picked up by real news outlets.

Donning the cloak of victimhood is a CAIR trademark. From intimidating dissenting authors, religious leaders, government officials, books, talk show hosts, pundits, corporations and former muslims to soliciting the ummah for the smallest slight to boost their islamophobia annual report, the tactic is the same. Islam is under attack and muslims are being denied the special rights CAIR is so diligently fighting to obtain. In this case CAIR turns the tables to deflect interest in the real issue, the undeniable evidence pointing to a nefarious agenda.


Dinah Lord said...

ONCE again, Miss Janice, you hit the nail squarely on the head.

(Linking you, my dear.)

Let's expose these Islamic Carpetbaggers for the charlatans they are!

janice said...

Thank you D,

Yes, let's send them packin'.