Friday, March 09, 2007

CAIR incitement watch: Secular islam summit

Panties are bunching over at the CAIR headquarters this week. On Sunday, March 4th, a “Secular Islam Summit” began in Florida. The summit was organized in order to allow leading personalities in the anti-radical islamist movement to coordinate and have their voices heard on the issue of radical islam. Denouncing jihadism and the radical views that has, according to some, hijacked their religion. Reformation and freedom to question the religion that encompasses every aspect of ones life, was the the main topic. And the self-proclaimed American muslim civil rights group wasn't invited. Ahmed Bedier, CAIR-Florida and frequent youtube user, seems to disagree with the purpose of the forum, saying,

"In order to have a legitimate dialogue, you need to bring the players to the table, the Muslim organizations, the Muslim clergy. They’re already here in America to be able to bring that message." “…the Koran is in the same form as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The only version, true nature of the Koran is in the Arabic language…”

Does that mean if you're not a "CAIR" muslim you can't have an opinion on islam? Do they use a Saudi template to measure the type of muslim one should be? They're funded by the Saudi Arabians who adhere to the 7th century wahhabi sect, the most extreme forms of islam. If this conference is against the violence and evil that drives the "hijacked" dogma, why would CAIR oppose such dialogue? The rush to silence debate and questioning the credibility and agendas of those taking part seems to be the way CAIR operates. Representing victim-status and intimidating opponents has been a successful tactic for the RoP champions of CAIR. Dubbing the event an illegitimate “hate-fest” doesn’t address the issues plaguing the muslim community. Are violent acts of intolerance in islam’s name an acceptable tenet for CAIR?

Can it be CAIR is finally being exposed for the agenda driven authority opperating with the freedoms they're trying to deny others? We'll just have to wait and see....


Malott said...

Great post.

This small group of Muslims may be beheaded in our lifetimes.

" need to bring the players to the table, the Muslim organizations, the Muslim clergy..."

This of course means the radicals - that would shout down the progressive Muslims.

Great article. Great post.

janice said...

So true Chris. Many of these people left the religion and I'm sure they're on the "list."

I'm reading, when I have a minute, "Because They Hate" by Brigitte Gabriel and "Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah" by Joel Richardson. Both of these folks were in attendance and spoke at the summit. Both books are worth reading.