Friday, October 13, 2006

CAIR aggressively search for "victims"

Today's whine-o-gram comes as an "Urgent Appeal" from CAIR. This ramadan appeal email greets the reader with a quote made by GOP congressional candidate Paul R. Nelson of Wisconsin. When asked about profiling Nelson said,
"Well, you know, if he comes in wearing a turban and his name is Muhammad, that's a good start"
That's enough to get your "jihadist" dander up, right? The message continues to ask "Have you or someone you know experienced bias similar to that expressed by the Wisconsin candidate?"
Sounds like they're searching for more victims of profiling and harassment. The whine-o-gram goes on to cite their own findings on anything CAIR deemed anti-muslim. Michael over at "A Second Hand Conjecture" did some digging into a few of the complaints and found a few unworthy statistics.
This innocent looking ramadan appeal email is a sheep in wolves clothing. Nothing like a CAIR anti-assimilation email to lift the spirits of your muslim neighbor. I can't understand how this organization is allowed to operate, unmolested, in this country. Their mission is clear, an islamic country formerly known as America.

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