Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pro-hamas rally in Fort Lauderdale

Debbie Schlussel posted this video from a pro-hamas rally in Fort Lauderdale. The tape captures the hostile and menacing nature of islam right here in America. This is so disturbing on many levels and the lack of media coverage boggles the mind.

At one point an imam provides the videographer with the basis for the demonstration; “And we need to try harder as muslims to educate the people about what islam really is, so that they can appreciate the beauty of it, because once people really understand the real beauty of islam they will have no choice but to accept it because they’ll realize that its part of their nature.”

I think the resident rally imam just revealed the global islamic mission. I didn’t see the beauty of islam among all the repulsive and obnoxious revelers. This hateful display was far from educational and for now it is not in my nature to accept it!


SkyePuppy said...

"Nuke Israel"? "Go back to the ovens"?

Sounds peaceful to me!

janice said...

Don't you see the beauty of islam, Skye?

Dinah Lord said...

Janice - did you get good and steamed when you saw these SOBs? Phew! I sure did. In fact, I get torqued all over again just thinking about it.

Didn't Mr. Tom Trento look kind of shaken by the experience?

He did to me.

janice said...

Oh yeah, he looked scared, I would be too. You're surrounded by animals that would love nothing better than to see us with our throats slashed.

Dinah, I had to watch that imam a dozen times to get the quote correct, and everytime I felt my blood pressure go up. Yes, I am still steamed.

I want to know why these rallies weren't covered by the media?

Dinah Lord said...

It doesn't fit their narrative of the poor, put-upon, downtrodden Pali victim - that's why.

You can bet the MSM won't give coverage of these events the time a day.