Friday, January 23, 2009

We came, We played, They wed! - Vegas Style

Our holiday in Las Vegas was great. We left the sub-zero, snow-covered Columbus landscape at 7am Thursday and arrived in “sin city” around 8:30am. Gennie and Eric were due in at 1pm, although they left Columbia SC the same time we left Columbus, a 2 hour layover in Philly delayed their arrival.

We hadn’t seen each other since New Years Eve last year. Our excitement and enthusiasm couldn’t be tempered; it was going to be a fantastic 5 days.

The basis for this Vegas jaunt centered on Gennie and Eric renewing their wedding vows. Saturday the 17th was their 15th wedding anniversary and would be the day they were remarried.

Once we secured rooms next to one another and had our bags taken up, we headed off to grab a late lunch. Before the wedding on Saturday the couple had to venture downtown and apply for and receive a marriage license.

Reservations at Graceland Chapel were made last month and Elvis was going to give Gennie away. Hair, make-up and nails consumed most the morning and early afternoon. Although I did not partake in the “$500.00 day of beauty” your humble blogger sat patiently with the bride while a flurry of activity swirled about my anxious friend. I’m still not sure if it was the impending tab or the wedding that made her nervous. By the end of the 5 hour ordeal she was transformed and looked great.
We met for cocktails at 4:30, the limo arrived at 4:50, the ceremony began at 5:15 and we were out of the chapel by 6pm. Eric made an 8:30 dinner reservation for the 4 of us at “Joes Seafood Prime Steak & Stone Crab” in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Very good......

The official Graceland photographer was in charge of capturing the special event; rendering my Olympus EVOLT E-410 useless. I wasn’t able to take any photos of the actual wedding or of Elvis.

After dinner, Eric was a bit tipsy and really in no condition to gamble or celebrate. About an hour later I received a call from Gennie asking if I wanted to go downstairs. I told to give me 10 minutes to change clothes and freshen up. We then proceeded to gamble (and win) for the next 36 hours. It was by far the best time we’ve ever spent together in Vegas.

Our Monday departure came way too soon.


Dinah Lord said...


What a sweet idea for Gennie and Eric to renew their vows on their wedding anniversary. (Groovy jacket there, Eric and the bride was beautiful!) It looked like so much fun.

And you won!

(Boo-hoo. I still can't believe I missed you.)

janice said...

Oh D, I can't begin to tell you about all the fun we had!

I will say; I caught a mexican steal a $25 chip off the roulette table, Gennie and I made impulse Coach purse purchases during our 36 hour gaming binge and Eric got thrown off the plane on their return flight (that wasn't so fun).

I do wish we were able to hook-up in "Sin City", next time we'll plan better, LOL.

Malott said...

My wedding fantasy involves a quick emotional decision, followed by a flight to Vegas - tickets purchased at the airport - no luggage - ceremony at the Elvis museum and wedding chapel, and a flight back home the next day... And during this flight I say, "Honey, I think I'm going to enjoy being married... But let's not rush into this 'living under the same roof thing!'"

I know. That's the reason why it's a fantasy.

janice said...

Oh Chris you make me laugh!

That fantasy sounds like the typical Vegas wedding with the typical Vegas wedding afterthought.

Dinah Lord said...

OMG - it sounds like so much fun - especially that Coach bag binge. (Eric getting tossed - not so much. Memorable, though!)

My Vegas wedding fantasy always revolves around what I would wear.

Never the wedding or the groom or anything...

You can see why it's probably a good thing I haven't acted upon it...