Sunday, January 11, 2009

The pro-hamas rally that wasn't....

During today’s “Radio Deli”, host Dirk Thompson mentioned a pro-hamas rally was going to be held at 5pm this afternoon. Neither website, the MSA (OSU chapter) or ANSWER, had posted details for this impromptu demonstration. Returning busloads of Washington DC rally-goers were expected to assemble at the corner of North High Street and 15th Avenue. Even though I live 15 minutes away, I didn’t want to make a senseless trip to OSU. As the clock ticked I grew anxious and figured there was no harm in taking a quick drive and if there happened to be protesters I’d snap a couple shots.

As we neared the location I really thought we were too late. But the closer we got I could see what appeared to be no more than a dozen WASP’s at the demonstration site. Not one muslim in sight.

Nick, my trusty chauffeur, pulled down a side street so we could double back enabling me to snap a photo or two.

That group of people you see there on the left is the "rally". I surely would have missed them had I not been looking.

Holding makeshift signs and shouting to passing traffic, I found it funny that no one from the ummah showed up to demonstrate with these pitiful folks.

And finally we have the last quarter of the demonstrators, all three of them.

Had I known this rally was going to be so pathetically small I would have dressed a little warmer and ventured out of our truck to get a few interviews. Even I could have fended off this angry mob, or at least ran away, had my questions irritated them.


SkyePuppy said...

Splendid investigative reporting!

janice said...

Thanks Skye, I'm sure I could have done a much better job if I advanced notice. Not bad for an "on-the-fly" venture.

Dinah Lord said...

Well done, Miss J!

I love the thought of you and Nick sleuthing around and busting this pathetic display of moonbat mania.

(Do you remember Boris and Natasha? Why am I thinking of them?)

Twin, if we lived closer to one another I think we could get in some trouble...

janice said...

LOL, oh Dinah you crack me up. Boris and Natasha, the vision makes me laugh. Yes, we were kinda like them, LOL.

The rally was pathetic. Manned by a few 60's leftovers and a college student or two. Very sad. I think the buses may have been late.

janice said...

And yes if we lived closer, we'd get into all kinds of TROUBLE!