Thursday, January 08, 2009

What do......

**Update added**
Peter Heck (Indiana talk radio host)
Jason Giambi, David Bowie, Robby Krieger, Bob Eubanks, Stephen Hawking, R Kelly and “The King” Elvis Presley all have in common with your humble blogger?

We were all born today, January 8th!

I’m celebrating the 14th anniversary of my 29th birthday.

In honor of my birthday I’ve posted a couple pictures.

*The top photo is of an 18 month old Janice. The date was August 3rd 1968, five days after the birth of my brother, the day my parents brought Steve home from the hospital. My proud father holds the "heir apparent" as “an already forgotten” Janice sits upon the floor.

*The second picture was taken July 29th 1969, as the "heir apparent" prepares to open birthday gifts and a "still forgotten" Janice waits patiently for cake.

*Obviously the above statements are made in jest and not to be taken seriously.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Janice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the pictures. I think my parents may well have had the same wallpaper as in the second photo, but it's not quite clear enough to be certain.

You also share a b-day with my brother-in-law, Peter. It must be a good day to be born.

Hope your day is fabulous and that it involves lots of cake and ice cream.

janice said...

Thank you Christina!

Yes, don't you love the 60's? That was in our kitchen and if I remember correctly it was a country type pitcher with a rolling pin and other kitchen things. I think, it was after all 40 years ago, LOL.

Please send a Happy shared Birthday to Peter for me!

SkyePuppy said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Malott said...

Happy B-Day!

What a cute little girl!

Like you, I was little more than dirt beneath my family's feet. But I fixed them... I didn't get mad and move away! They are still having to put up with me.


Eat much and party hardy!

janice said...

Thank you Skye & Chris!

Oh Chris, you make me laugh! Yes, I too, hung around and lived a quiet life. They haven't yet noticed I moved to C-Bus 2 years ago!

Dinah Lord said...

Happy Birthday Miss Janice!

You crack me up...

mmm. Birthday cake. I love birthday cake.

Have a GREAT ONE, twinny.