Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IDF video censored by YouTube

The video posted below was removed from YouTube after angry terrorist sympathizers complained and labeled it “inappropriate”. Israel National News posted the censored video once YouTube management removed the IDF videos.

I can’t remember what news channel or who the reporter was that said “palestinian suicide bombers are the F-16’s of the islamic resistance”, the quote is not verbatim and the gist was intended to arouse sympathy for the terrorists. When Israel fights back the media uses the term “disproportional response”. They gleefully report the hundreds of dead and wounded tallies caused by this disproportionate attack compared to the single digit Israeli casualties. It’s as if the MSM would like the IDF to react by throwing rocks, firing homemade rockets and fire substandard weapons with a suicide bomber added for good equal measure. The IDF response is not disproportionate, they’re accurate. It’s no secret the palestinians target any and all Jews. The IDF target the terrorists where they operate, train and hide (as the video clearly shows). While Israel goes out of their way to limit civilian casualties, the terrorist target innocent civilians. That said, can you tell me who uses disproportionate assaults?

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SkyePuppy said...


No doubt the press will report scores of dead Palestinians (overinflate the numbers and minimize the fact that these are terrorists, not civilians).